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The second patent by Imprint-it, WALLY is a stainless steel profile that makes it possible to create wall coverings that are cast on-site.
WALLY was designed to solve a number of issues that typically arise with standard cement, marble or other wall covers. With WALLY, in fact, you can create perfect and seamless wall covers, with very strong edges and featuring drip-guard corners.

WALLY also prevents the formation of dripping water on the surface and perfectly hides the holes in the masonry of overlying fencing; last but not least, the two components that WALLY consists of allow you to create coverings on curved artefacts and on walls of any thickness.

The protection provided by the WALLY system offers a very aesthetically pleasing result without any defects, also offering the advantage of simple installation even by unskilled workers, with consequent optimisation of time and costs.

The two elements that WALLY consists of can be coupled and fastened to the underlying structure in different ways, depending on the preferences and needs of the installers: manual or automatic nailing, screwing etc.

WALLY is therefore a highly versatile tool that is extremely easy to use and which, in addition to the many advantages already mentioned, also reduces storage space and warehouse costs, for both retailers and users.

WALLY Plus Points


 Appealing aesthetics;

Very easy to use: it can even be used by unskilled workers;

Excellent quality of the result: perfect wall coverings, seamless with precise and strong edges, thanks to the stainless steel frame;

Versatility: easy to mount, possibility of use on curved artefacts and walls of any thickness, thanks to the structure consisting of two parts that can  be positioned ad hoc;

Maintenance and cleaning: no maintenance, no dripping water on the surface nor marks on the sides of the wall, thanks to the upper inclination of the structure and to the drip-guard corners;

Optimisation of time, costs and storage space.

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