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This patent makes it possible to build walkways for buildings that can send natural light to outer passage way around the building, as well as project artificial light at night to light up the exterior facades.

The distinguishing feature of sending natural light to rooms below is achieved thanks to the use of transparent elements built into the walkway itself. The STARWAY pavement, accordingly, lights up lower rooms, enhancing them and promoting their liveability during the day, offering considerable energy savings and increased residential comfort.

The STARWAY pavements give shape to a unique and attractive flooring, with a strong aesthetic impact. The casting mix, in fact, in addition to the transparent elements and light conductors in the basements, whose shape may vary optionally, incorporates recycled materials with special effects and a delicate play of light in the refraction of the solar ray.

The STARWAY pavement can be equipped with LED technology lights that, with very low consumption (about 0.3 watts per metre), are able to provide external illumination oblique to the façades of the building. This solution has been designed in order to leave ample creative room for lighting design. This kind of lighting makes it possible to take advantage of the light radiation even in the rooms below: soft light that is particularly suitable for illuminating swimming pools, fitness areas, music rooms and relaxation areas in general.

STARWAY does not feature discontinuity on the surface, typical instead of the common metal grids which, aesthetically unpleasant, are very often also troublesome from an acoustic point of view, unsuitable for walking with heels and problematic due to water infiltration in the event of rain.

Customisable, functional and durable, the STARWAY pavement is laid on-site, even with curved lines, directly by the construction company in charge of the work, which is assisted and supported during installation by our qualified technicians.



The STARWAY Plus Points


Energy savings

Aesthetically better than metal grids: no discontinuity, noise and water infiltration

Possibility of curved paths

Environmentally sustainable: it can also be made with recycled materials found on-site

Suitable for pedestrian and vehicular traffic

Customisable: shape of the transparent elements, paving mix, optional LED colour and position

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